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To reduce clutter, The Purposeful Space will review and analyze your unique situation to help you determine what to keep, what to discard, and best storage strategies for your space.  Where you see chaos or clutter, The Purposeful Space will find planned perspective and possibility.  Spaces to consider cleaning out might include closets, cupboards, kitchens/pantries, home offices, desks, file cabinets, big rooms, small rooms, old spaces, new spaces - you name it!  

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Organizational solutions and systems are essential to any successful project. The Purposeful Space will help you make informed choices to identify those items you need and want to keep while addressing the perceived obstacles or clutter that may be in your way.  The result will be efficient spaces containing those items which are pertinent, meaningful, and relevant for your space and lifestyle.


Professional organizers bring specialized knowledge and skills to your project. Combining attention to detail with an assessment of your specific environment, The Purposeful Space can plan best uses and layouts for closets, cabinetry, drawers, files, and other storage areas and rooms.  We will design these spaces to maximize their function and improve their efficiency, taking into consideration your life-style and organizational needs.

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From downsizing to arranging for distribution of your unwanted housewares and memorabilia, The Purposeful Space loves assisting seniors with ease of access to items in their current home or preparing to move into a new one.  By bringing a calm and objective perspective to what can be emotionally and physically draining work, we will incorporate accommodations and organizing strategies that create a livable, manageable, safe home environment filled with items you value and cherish.  


Papers, files, and piles of papers can easily become overwhelming and difficult to manage.  The Purposeful Space utilizes the most up-to-date recommendations on what records you must keep and what can be tossed or shredded to guide sorting your papers.  We can then create a paper management system to better access and store the papers you keep.

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Values I Bring To My Clients

Talley Fulghum, Owner

Details matter.  

My job is to help you clarify your project and design a plan to get it done.  By identifying the details of what you need and want along with any obstacles that may be in your way, we can simplify the organizing process and keep things moving.

Every client is different.  

I will bring personalized attention to the unique details of your project and your home. By tailoring organizational solutions to your specific needs and the realities of your life, we will create the best path to success for maintaining functional space in the years to come.  

Start easy.  Finish strong.  

Re-organizing and de-cluttering can be emotional. We will work together to determine easy first steps and then to make the tough decisions. You can depend on me to be non-judgmental, impartial, and unbiased while at the same time steadfast and determined in getting you to your goal.

Collaboration is key.  

By consulting and working together with relevant vendors and contractors, we will create an organized, purposefully designed home or space reflecting your life-style and vision.  

Calm is better than chaos.  

I will bring calm and confidence to the sometimes-chaotic organizing process by guiding you strategically through the overwhelming issues of getting started, maintaining momentum and achieving your goal. 

Be creative.  

Determining the best purpose for a space can require a bit of thinking outside-the-box.  I will help you to identify that purpose and then consider how to effectively utilize your space in ways you may never have considered.   

Trust is essential.  

I trust my clients to share their needs, concerns and hopes about their space and possessions.  My job is not to judge but to encourage you in your efforts.  In turn, you can trust me to be unbiased and confidential and to personalize your project for your life. 

Education and ethics are important.

As a member of NAPO - the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals - I follow their code of ethics and continue educating myself regarding best practices for all my clients.

It never hurts to save!  

My discounts are your discounts!  When making purchases, I never mark-up items, and I pass my trade and vendor discounts for your project straight to you.  

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Thoughts About Purposeful Space

To ease daily burdens and have time and energy for the important things in life, the items we fill our homes with and how we arrange and manage them should be relevant to who we are, how we live, and what is important to us. To begin creating an organized home we must first determine the purpose for the spaces that fill it - its closets, cupboards, drawers, desks, and any pertinent storage areas within its walls. That purpose then helps to refine what we store and how we store it based on what we need, use, or want to keep.  

Sometimes, the intended purpose of a space gets hidden with clutter. Sometimes, the purpose of a space gets overwhelmed because we are unsure of how to manage it.  Sometimes, the purpose of a space is unclear because there is no plan or structure for its intended use.  Being organized is not just about having enough space or putting things away in the right containers; it’s really about defining the best purpose for your space and confirming that what you keep in that space is useful, meaningful and, most importantly, manageable for your life and your needs.   

By providing problem-solving, creative collaboration, and design strategies unique to your situation, The Purposeful Space helps people simplify the myriad choices, seemingly endless decisions, and sometimes overwhelming work that can be part of creating an organized home. We assist our clients in setting realistic goals, sorting through possessions, and creating organized spaces and systems that are manageable for their life and how they would like to live it.  

Developing these organized and manageable spaces and systems requires time and work, and The Purposeful Space takes great pride in providing personalized and attentive client service for each unique job.  We can guide you to a more organized and less stressful life.  Working together, our goal will be to help you create your best Purposeful Space.

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The Purposeful Space

Talley Fulghum

Providing Organizing Services in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

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